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Jody Kriss’ career has been defined by success. For the past 16-years, he has developed and financed some of the finest real estate New York City has to offer. Since founding East River Partners in 2010, Jody Kriss has worked closely in the development of eight properties in Brooklyn and Manhattan with a combined value of over $100 million.

Jody Kriss’ Education

Jody’s storied career began after his graduation from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. The Wharton School is continually ranked the number one business school in the country. In the upper echelon of business education, the Wharton School is the crown jewel. Jody Kriss graduated in 1996.

Directly after his undergraduate education, Jody Kriss began working as an Analyst and Project Manager for the Athena Group, helping to develop high-end real estate in Manhattan. In fact, the property he worked on, 838 Fifth Avenue, was the first property to reach $2000 per square foot in 1999. Jody Kriss transitioned into an associate position with APC Realty Advisors, an investment banking firm. There he contributed to a multitude of projects, including the conversion of a 100,000 square foot condominium in Tribeca.

The next step for Jody Kriss was becoming a partner at Bayrock Group, LLC. There, Jody was instrumental in many exciting, high profile projects. He was a principle in the development of a 47-floor ground-up hotel project in Manhattan as well as the rezoning of a 13-acre property on the waterfront in Queens. Jody  thrived in the high-end luxury property business. By 2010, Jody was ready for a change. He then co-founded East River Partners LLC with Joseph Cohen.

Starts East River Partners LLC


East River Partners has earned a reputation of excellence quickly. Jody’s leadership is a large part of that reputation. East River Partners is so good at what they do because they combine the roles of real estate developer and investment manager. By joining those roles in a single, vertically integrated model, East River Partners are able to streamline not only the development and finance processes but also improve their buyer’s experience.

At the end of the day it comes down to the quality of the property, so Jody Kriss and his team at East River Partners pay the utmost attention to detail. They create homes for their buyers or renters, not just residential spaces. East River Partners develops family oriented apartments, combing historical architecture and modern amenities to create beautiful living spaces.

The neighborhoods they are working in are specifically targeted for high desirability. ERP develops in areas where demand is strong, of course, but they also pinpoint areas where new supply is

limited.  Jody Kriss and East River Partners want to bring beautiful housing opportunities to neighborhoods in need of options.

Jody Kriss’ success has been the result of hard-work, commitment to collaboration, and a tenacious pursuit of excellence. His professional accomplishments are numerous and yet his finest work is still ahead of him. East River Partners has several exciting developments in the works.

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